April 12, 2022

Bhutan has a young population with an estimated 56 percent of youth below the age of 24. As Bhutan’s leading youth organization, the Bhutan Youth Development Fund (BYDF) works to ensure all youths have equal access to education, meaningful employment, and opportunities to develop their potential.

Under their scholarship program, BYDF has supported young people from economically challenged backgrounds with scholarships for basic education (grade 7 till 10) up to the college degree level as well as provided meritorious scholarships to outstanding youth.

Since 2002, over 1000 scholarships, both in-country and ex-country have been supported. With BYDF’s vision to grow its scholarship program, it is crucial for the organization to create a scholarship management information system that would allow the organization to organize student data, generate impact reports, create an alumni database, and create a web-based grading application for monitoring and evaluation.

  • A robust Scholarship Information Management System  will be developed
  • 1000+ youths benefit from the BYDF scholarships

Scholarship Programs Offered by the Bhutan Youth Development Fund:

  • YDF-Basic Education Scholarship
  • YDF-Druk School Scholarship (one time)
  • YDF-Genesis Global School School Scholarship
  • YDF-United World Scholarship
  • YDF-Regents School Scholarship
  • YDF-RTC Scholarship
  • YDF-BracU Scholarship
  • YDF-World University of Design Scholarship
  • YDF-Utpal Scholarship (one time)