A Gift for Bhutan’s Future

Some of the most meaningful gifts to organizations like the Bhutan Foundation come in the form of bequests and other planned gifts.  Estate gifts are good for the donor because they allow for full flexibility and access to one’s assets as long as needed.  For the recipient organization, bequests may help build strategic reserves, enable growth or fund special projects.

There are several ways to make a bequest to the Bhutan Foundation through your will, trust, insurance policy or other plan:

  • Residual bequest – take care of others first and leave what is left to Bhutan Foundation;
  • Percentage bequest – specify that ___% should go to support work in Bhutan;
  • Specific bequest – plan to give a certain fixed amount;
  • Contingent bequest  — name Bhutan Foundation to receive a bequest only if other beneficiaries are not available
  • It may also be possible to arrange to give certain real estate or other property

However you choose to give, please consult with your advisor(s) and use your full legal name:

Bhutan Foundation, Inc.
Federal Tax ID #: 13-3376290

The Bhutan Foundation is an Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3) organization organized in the State of Delaware.

For more information, please contact:

Tshering Yangzom
Bhutan Foundation
1050 Connecticut Ave NW, #66013
Washington, DC 20035