November 28, 2023

Today is Giving Tuesday, a global day of generosity and solidarity where people come together to support causes they believe in.

Our Small Grants Program has been a beacon of hope and progress for communities across Bhutan. Through this initiative, we channel the generosity of donors like you into meaningful projects that empower local communities and entrepreneurs. Each grant, though small in size, has led to significant transformations, improving lives and shaping a sustainable future for many.

Success Stories of 2023

This past year, we’ve witnessed incredible accomplishments:

Inclusion Through Digital Technology: A Bhutan Sign Language App to Bridge the Community with the Deaf

To empower and transform the lives of the deaf community, the Wangsel School for the Deaf in Paro initiated the development of the first-ever Bhutan Sign Language App in collaboration with Thimphu Tech Park, the Ministry of Education, and Govtech. The app will soon be available for download and will help parents, family members, teachers, and the community at large communicate with deaf individuals.

Reducing Imports and Enhancing Food Self-Sufficiency

With enhanced oil filtration and packaging facilities through a small grant, Samdrup Jongkhar Initiative’s mustard oil expeller now processes one metric ton of mustard monthly, benefiting over 400 households and promoting self-reliance.

Panbang Youth Cooperative’s Fishery Farms to Reduce Fish Imports

Our Small Grants Program revitalized three non-functional fishery ponds in 2023, boosting their capacity to rear 20,000 fingerlings annually, which is roughly 2,400 kilograms of fish – a significant step towards sustainable aquaculture in Bhutan.

Eco Education – Tendruk School’s Initiative on Waste Management

With a small grant, Tendruk Central School built a waste segregation house and purchased waste bins and sanitary burners, leading to 72% of the school’s waste being recovered and recycled.

A Biopesticide Approach to Sustainable Agriculture

With a new wood vinegar production unit, a 10-member farmers co-op now produces 4-5 liters of bio-pesticide daily, benefitting organic farming across 498 households.

Your Support Matters

These projects are just a glimpse of what we’ve accomplished together. As we look forward to 2024, your donation can help us extend the reach of our Small Grants Program, touching more lives and nurturing more dreams.