December 22, 2020

A nationwide lockdown will be enforced for seven days, starting tomorrow (December 23, 2020).In continuation to the inter-district movement restriction imposed this morning, the National COVID-19 Taskforce decided the need for a more stringent action after detection of sporadic cases in flu clinics in Thimphu and Paro, and also in Lhamoizingkha, which is evident of local transmission.

The lockdown across the nation will enable government to control the spread of the disease and also discern the extent of transmission in the communities.

In doing so, His Majesty has commanded that it should be of minimum inconvenience to our people. The government will strive to work towards that.

All dzongdas and thrompons are requested to take charge, activate and ensure smooth implementation of zone system. It is left to the districts to decide the time for activation of the zone system. All other support and actions required will be carried out in close consultation with the national taskforce and the zoning team.

While only designated shops within the zones and essential services will be available, all schools, institutions, offices and business establishments should remain closed.

Similarly, movement of individuals with the card within the zones and delivery of essentials will start in Thimphu tomorrow, as it completes the third day of lockdown. However, zone relaxation will not apply to houses under isolation.

Those who have misplaced the card or moved to a new place may call 1010.

Meanwhile, relevant agencies will ensure that there are no disruptions in the supply of goods, vegetables and other essential items, including animal feed, within the country. Government will also facilitate and ensure minimum disruption in the import and export of all goods.

While we have decided on the seven-day lockdown to begin with, the pattern of disease transmission will determine the way forward. This time, we have an obvious indications of rampant local transmission and urge people to take maximum precaution.

Let us all pray and work together to come out of this lockdown safe and stronger, as an individual and as a nation. 

Source: PMO, Bhutan