June 11, 2021

“Your Food Basket” is a part of the Greener Lyfe Farm, located in Paro.

“My team and I want to provide better food supply logistics so that local farmers will be able to sell fresh products directly from their farms,” says Ugyen Tshering from Your Food Basket.

“Your Food Basket” is a part of the Greener Lyfe Farm, located in Paro. The farm has about 3.6 acres of arable land and employs ten farmers. The main objective of this initiative is to create a direct logistics system that will bring produce from farm to plate using technology and innovation and a community-supported agriculture model. This food supply chain will provide locally available fresh organic produce to consumers at a more cost-effective rate while protecting the farmers.

In the first year of operation, they plan to start with a subscription service to provide 40 customers with home delivery of fresh vegetables twice a month. Subscribers will have access to an online platform to place their orders and can use the tech platform to trace the origin of their food sourced directly from the farmers in Tsento Gewog. As part of this project, Ugyen has placed orders for machinery such as freezers, dryers, reusable packaging, and other processing equipment. The team is excited to start packaging and selling their products within Thimphu and Paro once the order arrives in the next week!

This project is funded through the Loden-Bhutan Foundation COVID-19 Response Grants, with the generous support of the American people through the U.S. Agency for International Development in partnership with the Bhutan Foundation.