March 15, 2018

The Bhutan Foundation organized a three-day workshop from March 2nd to 4th to provide children with multiple disabilities and visual impairment (MDVI) the support needed to prepare them for school. We worked in collaboration with Ability Bhutan Society (ABS) and with technical support from Perkins International.

The workshop was conducted for parents and caregivers of children ages zero to six with MDVI. It was also extended to Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) facilitators and social workers from ABS. The training focused on helping parents understand what they can do at home so that their child is better prepared to go to day care or school, and understand the role day-care facilitators/educators can play to support the children’s development.

According to Dr. Namita Jacob, one of the technical experts, “The hope is that the professionals and parents can work together to prepare the children for entry in schools. This is part of the transition plan that we are working on supporting children with MDVI in going to school.”

Ability Bhutan Society (ABS) is a public benefit organization founded on the recognition that persons living with moderate to severe diverse abilities, primarily children and their families, have special needs. Perkins International is a US-based organization committed to helping marginalized populations who are blind, deaf–blind, or blind with additional disabilities to unlock their potential and realize their unique value as members of their communities.

Read the coverage on the training on the Bhutan Broadcasting Service here.