October 4, 2020

The world had its eyes on Bhutan this fall when 563,887+ participants joined up to run with a young tiger mother, Tendrel Zangmo, for tiger conservation awareness! Long-time supporters of the Bhutan Foundation may remember Tendrel as the first tiger ever caught and radio-collared by a fully Bhutanese team—a project supported by the Bhutan Foundation in 2018.

The #RunWild program, facilitated in partnership with the Bhutan Foundation, Bhutan Tiger Center, Internet of Elephants, and Adidas Runtastic, allowed runners around the world to match pace with Tendrel as she, and her cubs, made their way across Bhutan via the Adidas Runtastic app. Over the course of ten days, she trekked over 10k kilometers! Congratulations to all the participants!

You can learn more about #RunWild here.

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