November 24, 2019

While it’s still a bit too early to know the exact results of the new System of Rice Intensification (SRI), we did get some interesting news on our most recent trip to Marangdut to visit the SRI program’s farmers this October!

During our visit, we spoke to several villagers in the area who reported an armyworm infestation on their paddies. An infestation like this will likely cause a noticeably lower rice yield at harvest affecting both economic and food sustainability in the region. However, the fields participating in the SRI program, which were applied with a bio-pesticide made from natural elements like cow dung, were unaffected by the armyworm and are nearly ready for harvest.

Most recent estimates put SRI yields at about 10% higher than those from conventional fields. Once these paddies are harvested, we’ll be able to compare the two and potentially bring the SRI method to even more areas of Panbang!