January 8, 2020

Board Games, Books, and Puzzles promoting snow leopard conservation are delivered to schools in the highlands.

As part of the Bhutan Foundation’s efforts to promote snow leopard conservation education in highland communities, children in select schools across Bhutan, namely Lingzhi primary in Thimphu and Katsho Lower Secondary in Haa, are receiving their snow leopard board games, puzzles, and books! These uniquely Bhutanese-designed classroom tools are an important hands-on addition to young students’ education about human-wildlife balance and the importance of predators, like snow leopards, to the ecosystem.

We’re excited about the future of these educational materials and look forward to hearing more about how classrooms across Bhutan are utilizing them in their lessons! As this program continues, our teams are looking into conservation education materials for schools in lower regions, such as Panbang, where tigers are more prominent.