Help us provide interactive boards for Special Education Needs schools and centers across Bhutan

We’re partnering with schools in Bhutan to raise $14,600 for four interactive boards to help children with special needs.

Interactive boards are touch screen boards used for presentations and teaching, and for a child with special needs, they fundamentally improve the classroom experience. Following lines and patterns with either a digital pen or finger helps a child learn controlled movements, while engaging videos and colorful pictures on the boards captures their attention and keeps them focused. Most importantly, they make learning fun and inclusive.

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Chimi Lhamo, a special needs instructor at Changangkha Middle Secondary School, has seen firsthand the transformative power of interactive boards over the past year, despite having just one board for the entire school.

“It’s like a cat and mouse race; whoever comes first can book their period to use the smart board. It would be an advantage if we had one in each classroom.”

Chimi Lhamo
Instructor at Changangkha Middle Secondary School

Bishnu Maya Gurung, a social worker at Ability Bhutan Society, doesn’t have an interactive board in her classroom. Here’s how one will make a huge difference for her:

“Currently, we are using a television by using a pendrive. We put the pendrive in the television and then we play the rhymes of this month of the year song the days of the week song then with their song then season song, and then after completing each rhymes, they will go and pick and paste it out on our whiteboard.”

Bishnu Maya Gurung
Social Worker at Ability Bhutan Society

By donating to this fundraiser, you’ll be providing interactive boards to Tang School, Mongar SEN School, Ability Bhutan Society, and Changangkha Middle Secondary School.

Mongar SEN School

Tang Central School

Changangkha Middle Secondary School

Ability Bhutan Society

Each board is $3,650, but we greatly appreciate any amount you can contribute. Together, we can make a real impact on the lives of children with special needs.

We’ve currently raised $14,600 of our $14,600 goal: