August 6, 2021

The Gakhil Sang Group has 52 registered members as of today.

Ms. Karma Dema is busy collecting raw materials for a newly formed community project called Gakhil Sang Group in her Shingkhar village in Bumthang. Sang, an important material used for smoke offerings in Buddhist rituals, is something she would usually collect for personal use. But with the recent Small Grant support from the Bhutan Foundation to start larger sang production, the village is all-in and geared up to serve demands from people all over the country. The machinery and tools necessary for production are purchased and en route. As the group waits for their delivery, they have already completed the construction of the production house.

The Gakhil Sang Group has 52 registered members as of today. With income from this project, the group hopes to support the monks in their community monastery and other needy school-going children in their community. Through this initiative, the Gakhil Sang Group hopes to address the unsustainable harvest of local herbs. They also hope to educate younger community members on the sacredness of high-altitude herbs and their values through various educational and awareness programs.

The village of Shingkhar lies in one of the most idyllic and picturesque valleys of Bumthang at an altitude of 3,400 meters above sea level. The main occupation of people in this community is primarily rearing livestock and is dependent on subsistence agricultural farming. The village is rich in biodiversity as it falls within the buffer zone of Thrumshingla National Park.

We wish the Gakhil Sang Group of Shingkhar all the success in their new community project!