November 9, 2021

Sibjam connects over 1,500 farmers with more than 200 types of organic and local farm produce.

To address the demands of consumers and solve the problems of farmers selling farm produce – Azha Pasa has launched ‘Sibjam’ today at the Druk Tsongrig Gatoen organized by the Loden Foundation.

Sibjam is an online marketplace that will sell local farm produce to various consumers. Sibjam connects over 1,500 farmers with more than 200 types of organic and local farm produce. 

The platform will provide quality farm produce at wholesale rates with delivery service to buyers. Sibjam will provide marketing and logistics services to farmers so farmers can concentrate on production and not have to spend time and resources on finding a market. 

Owing to natural, logistics, and marketing factors – farmers go through distressing times to sell their produce and face losses due to the perishing nature of their produce. It is Sibjam’s aspiration to find buyers before crops/produce are even harvested.

Market shortcomings are often the result of information constraints. Sibjam will provide data and information on farm produce across the country; even though, the collection of this data is still a work in progress.

Sibjam will endeavor to ensure effective linkages between producers and consumers and reduce waste of valuable agricultural and other farm produce. Sibjam aspires to build proper food supply chains, manage perishable goods better, and cut down on losses.

Sibjam seeks to empower farmers and contribute to self-sufficiency and food security.

‘Sibjam’ is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and facilitated by the Bhutan Foundation and Loden Foundation. 

The launch of Sibjam was presided over by a representative from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests on November 9, 2021.