Thank you for running wild with Tendrel Zangmo, a female tiger from Bhutan. Your participation shows support for critical policy change for endangered animals at the UN Biodiversity Summit.

You can go ONE STEP further and help Bhutan Tiger Center help Tendrel and other tigers RUN WILD by making a donation.

Your donation will directly help Bhutan Foundation with our work to support the Bhutan Tiger Center.

The Bhutan Foundation has been working with the Bhutan Tiger Center for the last 10 years to enhance research by Bhutanese biologists to carry out tiger surveys, camera trapping, and tiger-collaring to understand tiger movements and ecology so that sound science is used for creating conservation policies and management, thereby, enhancing higher return on conservation investment. We have also supported community efforts to carry out anti-poaching and conservation by compassion programs to encourage local efforts to save this endangered species.

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A digital running campaign engaging runners around the world to stay active while at the same time getting educated about the threats that the world’s most threatened species are facing day by day.


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