October 29, 2019

The Big Data for Health Conference came to a close today here in Thimphu.

This two day series of talks brought industry leaders in artificial intelligence (AI) and big data from around the globe to discuss possibilities for developing Bhutan’s healthcare system with the future in mind.

Engineers and doctors from institutions like Google Health and Harvard University attended today’s conference to emphasize the utility of big data in understanding and mitigating health risks from environmental factors–such as air pollution and water quality. Their talks covered previous cases involving the development of advanced AI that can diagnose early signs of disease and the potential of machines to help bridge the divide in areas with shortages of doctors and nurses.

These talks are the early stages of what could be a national movement to build big data into the foundation of Bhutan’s healthcare system. We at the Bhutan Foundation are excited to support these talks alongside MIT and Asia e-Health Network and look forward to the next steps!