February 7, 2022

For the past few months, six enthusiastic members from PK Organic Farm have been busy harvesting and supplying varieties of vegetables from their farm. But, like many other farmers in Bhutan, PK’s farm is also affected by wildlife, drought, excessive rainfall, and pest issues. However, with their passion and hard work, their vegetable yields were not affected and they were able to cater vegetables in their community.

With the current lockdown in their district due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the six enthusiastic members of the group are working in a containment mode. 

“I hope to cultivate more organic produce and reduce importing of vegetables from outside. I want to create employment opportunities for the youth, reduce poverty, improve living standards, reduce inequalities, and ultimately have happiness in the world of work. I am genuinely interested in the journey of my life to help our people grow their own healthy food and maintain food security. I think it will also supplement in ensuring food self-sufficiency in the long term,” says Ms. Kamana Gurung who founded the PK Organic Farm.

PK Organic Farm is one of the entrepreneurs that the Foundation supported in 2021. The farm started in 2018 with the cultivation of varieties of vegetables grown on 2.46 acres of self-owned farmland. Their vision is to be a leading private organic farm in Bhutan that addresses the issue of an increasing number of unemployed youth. They also intend to process the unsold vegetables to supply them during leaner seasons.