June 13, 2019

Earlier this May, two separate consultation visits from Perkins International occurred regarding the Special Education program!

The first visit, at Hejo ECCD, conducted a consultation to discuss transition plans for seven children at the school. These plans were reviewed by observing and assessing the children, holding talks with the facilitators, and meeting with the families to hear their concerns and identify a future map for their children. These talks emphasized the importance of building active participation and independence in everyday activities at home.

During the second event, two consultants visited ELC, Thimphu to observe inclusion practices and demonstrate and share best practices in both teaching and learning processes. In the words of one of our consultants, “It was a very constructive week, well spent with the whole ELC community.”

We’re continuously striving to support those working on the ground to assist individuals with disabilities and their families in positive transitions from home to school to the workforce.