February 1, 2022

Following the launch of a million-tree initiative in April 2021 in Thimphu, the Bhutan Ecological Society (BES) established the sub-tropical nursery to produce saplings for high-value fruit and timber trees species in Gelephu.

The nursery has grown over 10,300 seedlings since its establishment in 2021, and many more are still in their germination stage. To be implemented over the next four years, the project aims to plant an average of 200 to 300 trees per acre and will ultimately nurture over one million high-value tree crops across Bhutan. These trees are specifically chosen for their capability to generate annual and long-term income for rural farmers by producing fruit and timbers as they mature.

The project will be undertaken in Bhutan’s degraded forest area and fallow farmlands. The project hopes to help buffer the impacts of climate change in the long run.

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