November 21, 2019

It’s no secret that human and animal health are related to one another, and this year’s Nomadic Health Camp took that idea to heart!

In addition to working with local nomadic communities to provide medical care, the Nomadic Health team also brought along veterinary professionals to treat local animals and livestock. These additional services, including vaccinations, neutering, and deworming, will help herders keep their animals healthy and local dog populations, which had been going up in recent years, under better control.

As with previous years, doctors and other health professionals worked with the community to diagnose and treat general medical concerns as well as dental, OB/GYN, pharmaceutical, and eye care issues throughout the program. Overall, a total of 604 people were treated in just two days at the Merak and Sakteng health camps this October!

With more and more new patients each year, we’re excited to be working on potentially increasing next year’s Nomad Health Camps in the region to three days rather than the customary two. Please keep an eye on our updates for more information in the future.