July 24, 2021

Face to Face with Tigers and Poachers in Bhutan

This International Tiger Day, we’re going deep into the jungles of Bhutan to speak with leading tiger researchers, Dr. Tshering Tempa and Ms. Singye Wangmo, from the Bhutan Tiger Center. This live discussion will delve into the realities of working in the field as a woman, protecting tigers from poachers, and even tracking and conducting groundbreaking research on one of the world’s most powerful predators. 

We hope you’ll join us this Thursday, July 29th, at 11 AM ET (9 PM Bhutan) to learn more about conservation in Bhutan and ask your questions LIVE!

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Guest Speakers

Dr. Tshering Tempa

Tshering Tempa is the leading tiger biologist in Bhutan. Tempa has a Ph.D. in Wildlife Biology, from the University of Montana and has spent more than 15 years in the wilderness of Bhutan contributing to tiger conservation and wildlife research. He started the first systematic remote camera trap monitoring of tigers and other wildlife in Royal Manas National Park (RMNP). He is the IUCN tiger specialist group and his works are known internationally. Dr. Tempa has been featured in NHK, as one of the leaders making changes at the grassroots level.

Dr. Tempa is a passionate tiger conservationist and is the Program Director for the Bhutan Tiger Center, at Gelephu. He continues to work on predator (tiger)-prey dynamics in the sub-tropical and temperate forest of Bhutan using remote cameras and genetics. He and his team are also monitoring tigers and other large cats using radio telemetry.

Tiger conservation in Bhutan

Ms. Singye Wangmo

Ms. Singye Wangmo is working as the deputy Chief Forestry Officer at the Bhutan Tiger Center. She currently looks after the Science and Policy section and is one of the focal officers who will be coordinating the second National Tiger Survey scheduled this year. She has also worked for the Royal Manas National Park – the country’s first protected area and one of the strongholds of tigers in Bhutan. As Park Manager of Manas National Park, Singye was actively involved in studying tigers and other felid species.

Foresters working on tiger conservation