March 4, 2020

A local farmers group in Marangdut attended a training with the Samdrup Jongkhar Initiative.

Last week, twelve community members from Marangdut Farmers Group attended a one-day training on seed preparation for vegetables in collaboration with The Samdrup Jongkhar Initiative (SJI). This training, intended to help encourage a sustainable vegetable seed source for food growers in the region, was led by one of the head farmers of Morong, Mr. M.C. Gurung.

This training on seed-prep is one of a series of hands-on workshops conducted in conjunction with SJI over the past two years including courses on biopesticide production, biofuel usage, and new systems for rice intensification. In this most recent harvest season, results from SJI’s workshops were evident in increased rice production as well as crop protection from a recent infestation of armyworms on local farms.

One participant, Rinchen Jamtsho, commented during his training that he is optimistic the group will be able to produce more products in the coming years and save seeds for the upcoming season. The group is thankful for this continuous technical support from SJI and financial support from the Bhutan Foundation.