November 3, 2020

STEM Radio Program for Kids Goes Live in Bhutan!

The first of three STEM-themed radio programs, “Space Break” went on air with its first episode in November 2020. The show aired weekly on Fridays at 6pm Bhutan Time. A total of 11 episodes were aired on topics including Carl’s Blue Dot, the International Space Station, the Asteroid Belt, Astronomers, Shooting Stars, the Black Hole, Space Messages, the Sun, Moon, and Planets.

The show can be listened from the radio station directly, or on mobile apps and website streaming services such as Sound Cloud. As a youth-based radio station, the targeted audience is mainly youth in Bhutan. Feedback from listeners has been positive. Kuzoo FM estimates that the episodes reached 40,000- 45,000 listeners on average and increased social media engagement with each episode aired.

You can listen to episodes like these by streaming here.