April 18, 2020

On Friday, April 17, enter the worlds of award-winning artists Keola Beamer and Jigme Drukpa as they bring together the sounds of the Himalayas and Hawai`i in a free livestream concert and interactive Q&A session.

The show will take the audience across the world from the islands of Hawai`i with legendary artist Keola Beamer, a slack key guitarist and performer whose work was featured on the Grammy-nominated soundtrack for the film The Descendants, which will feature stories and songs on the ukulele, nose flute, and guitar. Keola’s work is far-reaching and has been seen on programs such as Sesame Street and NBC’s Today Show.

From there, the audience will be transported to Bhutan in the Himalayas with Jigme Drukpa, a renowned folk performer and ethnomusicologist from Eastern Bhutan. He’ll perform traditional chants and pieces—some of which were featured in films and documentaries such as Travelers and Magicians and the award-winning Yak in the Classroom.

After the performances, both artists will come together to conduct a joint Q&A with the audience. Join us on April 17, at 8 PM EST to hear great music and get the chance to ask your questions live with Keola Beamer and Jigme Drukpa.

This free concert is organized by the Bhutan Foundation to bring together the power of music communities and cultures across the world being affected by COVID-19. The Bhutan Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in Washington, DC and Thimphu, Bhutan, which works to serve the people of Bhutan in living and sharing the principle of Gross National Happiness. You can learn more about the Foundation on our website.