February 24, 2021

Applications will be accepted from 1 February, 2021 to 1 April, 2021.

GIST Innovates Bhutan is a program designed to empower early-stage Bhutanese science and technology startups to build their business skills as they take steps to commercialize their innovation and launch their product.

This accelerated online training program is modeled after the Lean Startup methodology, an approach that has helped startups around the world develop and launch their businesses. You will complete a customer discovery process and identify and evaluate market opportunities for your innovation. The dates for the program are: May 18 – July 27, 2021.

Is your startup eligible? GIST Innovates Bhutan is ideal for Bhutanese citizens who are developing a science-based innovation or technology. 

Your team should include two or three members—an entrepreneurial lead, a technical lead, and an optional business mentor.


  • The entrepreneurial lead serves as the team spokesperson and leads efforts in business model development and communication with potential customers.
  • The technical lead offers technological expertise related to your innovation.
  • The business mentor will help your team develop your business model, connect you with industry experts, and advise you on customer discovery efforts. While we encourage teams to include a mentor when applying, this member is optional.

During this 10-week program you will spend time with our dedicated training team, who will mentor and support you as you test your business hypotheses and create an action plan for launching your venture. You will network and share experiences with other startups in your region who are engaged in similar work.
Prior to applying for GIST Innovates Bhutan, we recommend completing the free GIST Virtual Accelerator program, a new, online program designed to build your entrepreneurial skills. Virtual Accelerator, a self-paced program, can help you strengthen your application for GIST Innovates Bhutan and prepare you for deeper training to help you commercialize your technology and advance your venture.

For additional questions about this program please contact Mandy Sutton.

GIST Innovates Bhutan is a national-level program; Bhutanese citizens nationwide are encouraged to apply.