February 17, 2023

Yesterday marked the start of a four-day orientation for facilitators from government and private ECCDs across the nation, led by experts from Perkins International, US. The orientation is focused on Inclusive Early Child Care and Development (ECCD).

ECCD facilitators have an important role in helping children with developmental concerns become independent, contributing members of society. By providing a physical, social, and emotional environment that is conducive to growth, facilitators can help ensure that these children reach their full potential. If the inclusion of these children is prioritized from the start, the facilitators and families can work together to make sure that their needs are met and that they have the best chance of success. 

The orientation program, which includes hands-on sessions and field visits, is designed to provide ECCD facilitators with contextualized ideas and confidence in their profession. This will enable the facilitators to accept children with developmental concerns into their respective centers, which is expected to help reduce the overcrowding of ECCDs in Thimphu. 

By Sunday, participants will have learned the importance of inclusivity in ECCDs, setting goals with families and children, sharing experiences, and discussing ways to achieve developmental goals. All the efforts will help the child transition smoothly into a more structured setting and accomplish their milestones. A total of 36 participants are taking part in this orientation program.

We are happy to provide technical support to our stakeholders and partners. We thank the ECCD and SEN Division, Ministry of Education and Skills Development, Perkins International, UNICEF Bhutan, Ability Bhutan Society, Hejo ECCD, and Changangkha School for this collaboration.

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