January 2, 2019

The Bhutan Tiger Center radio-collars the first male tiger in Bhutan.

After several months of hard work, a team of Bhutanese Tiger Biologists captured and collared the first male tiger in Royal Manas National Park (RMNP)! With both a male and female now collared with GPS trackers in the region, the team will be able to compile more complete data sets on their movements in Bhutan.

Just two years ago, this work would have been impossible without outside help. But today, teams of Bhutanese scientists are able to track tiger, leopard, and panther movements on their own to better understand how these big cats survive in Bhutan. This research is integral to not only keep human settlements safe, but also to create a more harmonious environment for these animals to thrive–safe from poachers and other forms of human encroachment.