April 10, 2021

One of our partners, the Tarayana Foundation, aims to build a sustainable and resilient future and promote organic and environmentally friendly practices in all its project activities.

With the Bhutan Foundation’s project support, the Tarayana Foundation implemented organic mulching in Ngawang Dramtoe Village in Samtse and Dechen Pelri Village in Sarpang.

Beyond moderating soil temperature and retaining moisture, organic mulching, a process where dry leaves are used to cover soil instead of more commonly used plastic sheets, fertilizes soil when it breaks down and turns into manure. Replacing the dried leaves must be repeated three times in a season as the first batch decomposes in a month or less, making room for more fertilizer. 

While this method is labor-intensive and unsuitable for specific soil types, organic mulching has given community members an excellent opportunity to save some cash while learning a new skill that will eventually generate income from the harvest. Not only is it useful for local communities, but the practice also helps preserve traditional knowledge and encourages the reduction of plastic use.