March 23, 2021

His Majesty The King has identified a range of national priorities in the context of a Royal vision for Bhutan over the last few years. With the world practically engulfed by technological fever, the Royal advice contains a validation of technology’s significance and value with a strong sense of urgency. “Being a small nation makes us a smart nation; this is not out of choice, but out of necessity. Technology is an indispensable tool that will be necessary to realize this aspiration,” said His Majesty in one of the recent Royal Addresses.

Computer Skills Training

Over ten months, our team, in collaboration with AIMS media, trained youth with special needs on skills with computer programs such as MS Word, graphic design, photo-editing, and related software. Our young trainees have been attending classes three times a week, even during the COVID lockdown, when all schools and institutes remained closed. The program helped trainees carry out simple tasks using computers, such as painting or accessing the web to search for images they like, to more advanced tasks such as creating cards and using photoshop to edit pictures. Our program has made the trainees aware of all the wonders that can be done using technology in their everyday lives. We look forward to continuing to help bridge the digital divide, contributing to His Majesty’s vision to use technology to solve problems.