February 18, 2021

In order to detect any person(s) with COVID-19 on time and to prevent further transmissions and outbreaks, a Strategy called Enhanced Surveillance is being implemented in both high and low-risk districts.

Active surveillance includes testing of all frontline workers identified by the respective dzongkhag/taskforce every two weeks. The front liners and those population who are at higher risk of contracting the virus at the Point of Entries (Airport and ground crossings), Mini Dry Ports and depots, private warehouses, border patrolling duty, factories and industries, health facilities, in-patients and attendants, out-patients undergoing invasive procedures, COVID-19 task forces, schools & institutions, vendors at the vegetable markets and randomly selected customers, mega projects, monastic institutions located in urban and near the periphery of urban areas, bus drivers (both within the city and inter-district), the mobile population at Chuzom and Menchuna check posts are all being tested.

Through this enhanced surveillance, we would be able to make early detection of possible cases in the community and if there are any, it will help plan timely mitigation measures to prevent community outbreaks.

Hence, the MoH would like to request the general public to cooperate with the health workers during the testing.

The data from the enhanced surveillance from 1st – 17th February 2021 is enclosed in the infographic below.

Source: Ministry of Health