November 7, 2019

Participants from CSOs in Bhutan work on funding and program plans in a two-day workshop in Thimphu.

This week, 22 participants from various registered Civil Society Organizations, community-based organizations, and international non-profit organizations took part in a two-day workshop on CSO capacity building in collaboration with the United Nations in Bhutan and Civil Society Organization Authority!

Each participant brought their existing or new programs and discussed them throughout the workshop. The event started with how to come up with program plans and frameworks and followed into the importance of monitoring and evaluation systems to the successes of those plans.

The second day focused on coming forth with funding plans to make their programs a reality. Toward the end of the event, an additional panel discussion also took place with various donor agencies in the country. This panel covered tips for how to approach donors and partners and included ways to improve engagement between CSOs and the government.

“The workshop was very interesting, and we found it useful and important for all the CSO’s to attend. The workshop materials that were provided to us are very useful. We would like to thank the facilitators and donors for conducting such workshop.”

Ugyen Wangchuk, Nazhoen Lamtoen.