September 30, 2020

Students with disabilities in Bhutan now have a uniquely inclusive and uniquely Bhutanese set of toys for classroom learning! Bhutan Blocks are the next step in our efforts, in partnership with the Perkins School for the Blind and Hejo Day Care, to help create more inclusive classrooms for students in Bhutan. These educational blocks have a uniquely Bhutanese flare with traditional patterns and designs embossed on the sides for children with sensory and developmental disabilities, while the black and yellow coloring also helps create a stark contrast for students with visual impairments.

The first sets of Bhutan Blocks have already hit classrooms in Bhutan and are being used to enhance play while working on fundamental learning objectives such as emergent math, pre-writing, and communication skills!


These blocks are made by Tsem – a local toy business in Thimphu. The team at Hejo ECCD is working to create fun and interactive lessons/activities to support various skills for our Bhutanese children. We hope to make these blocks and lessons available for many of the daycares and schools in Bhutan.