June 9, 2021

Did you know Wangsel Insitute for the Deaf is the only school in Bhutan that caters to Deaf and hard-of-hearing children?

The Wangsel Institute is situated in Paro and hosts approximately 105 students from over 19 districts. This June, as the school celebrates its 18th year of operations, we would like to commend the teachers and management for their dedication and hard work. Their efforts to educate Bhutan’s children with hearing impairment effect lives across the country every day and have even helped document our very own Bhutan Sign Language (BSL)!

To further promote and spread awareness about the school to parents and the community, we supported a short video for Wangsel, highlighting the schools’ programs and the importance of early intervention/communication. We hope you’ll take a moment to watch and learn more about all the great work our partners at Wangsel are doing to promote inclusive education in Bhutan.

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