February 24, 2020

Local communities, like the Dhongag Tenpailing Monastery in Norbugang, are helping to lead the way in utilizing conservation with compassion to end illegal wildlife poaching in their backyards.

Their efforts, supported by the Bhutan Foundation in collaboration with the Global Tiger Center (GTC) and the Royal Manas National Park (RMNP) are encouraging poachers to give up illegal hunting of wildlife with over 40+ poachers having already sworn off the practice. These efforts to organize various spiritual activities for the ex-poachers as the means to keep them spiritually engaged are one of the many effective and ongoing initiatives carried out by the monastery and GTC.

In support of these communities, we at the Bhutan Foundation have helped facilitate the enhancement of existing water recharge ponds as newly-established reservoirs to take advantage of the monsoons and address water shortages. The picture included here features one of three recharge ponds that provide drinking water for wildlife while recharging groundwater which helps improve water supply in the community.

The GTC continues to work with the monastery and provides necessary assistance to communities to strengthen partnerships in the conservation program.