October 21, 2021

This month begins the start of a two-year project to help build capacity for mentors managing support for children with disabilities across Bhutan. This program, called “Positive Future Planning for Children with Disabilities (CWD) and Persons with Disabilities (PDW) for Parents and Caregivers” was developed and is being carried out in partnership with Phensem Parents Support Group, Bhutan and Perkins International. Over the next two years, we will be training over 15 mentors and providing direct support to more than 15 children with disabilities and their families.

As part of this program, this last week, our team concluded a four-day training where we instructed 12 new mentors, introducing them to various activities and strategies for working with parents and families of persons with disabilities. Once fully trained, the mentors will work together with families on creating and implementing transition plans to help meet established goals. These plans will be individualized, centering around a specific child and encompassing their strengths, interests, and weaknesses, to ensure a meaningful strategy for future planning.