We, at the Bhutan Foundation, are partnering with the Bhutan Stroke Foundation to support their work. We’re asking for your support to raise $5,000 to help fund their mission. With your donation, the Bhutan Stroke Foundation will host educational events, carry out counseling sessions for families of stroke survivors, and raise awareness to help prevent strokes in Bhutan. 

So far, with your help, we’ve raised almost $1,000 of our $5,000 goal! But there is still time to help. We hope you’ll join us by donating below to help support the Bhutan Stroke Foundation’s mission and provide help to families and sufferers of strokes in Bhutan.

$10: Helps one patient attend an online intervention session from home

$25: Purchases sanitary pads for five female stroke patients in need

$50: Supports basic food rations for one stroke patient for a month

$1,350: Funds one data collection and stroke awareness program in a district of Bhutan

$2,500: Provides mission support for one month to the Bhutan Stroke Foundation

Your donation will be going towards Bhutan Stroke Foundation