Mrs. Sukey N. Wagner

Susan Nichols Wagner (Sukey Wagner) is a former educator and has spent much of her career doing philanthropic work with a number of organizations including schools in the Transkei, a rural district in South Africa, where she provided over 180,000 books and served on the board of the Vela School there. She has also worked with PWA (People With Aids) in Brooklyn, New York and co-founded a center for woman with HIV/AIDS in Harlem.  Ms. Wagner served on the board of Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts for 10 years. She has also been involved with the World Wildlife Fund where her late husband and international banker, Rodney Wagner, served as a member and officer of the board for a number of years. Ms. Wagner sits on the board of Robert College in Istanbul, Turkey and the Colebrook Land Conservancy.