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Bhutan’s Wild Cats: A Story of Hope












Bhutan is a small Himalayan country that covers only 0.03 percent of the world’s surface—yet is home to 30 percent of the world’s wild cat species. How is this possible?

Bhutan’s diversity of habitats, from subtropical jungles in the south to snow-clad mountains in the north, offer a unique environment for these wild cats to thrive. But in a region with rapid development and modernization, natural biodiversity is not enough to ensure survival for wild cat species. For years, Bhutan has made conservation a priority. Its constitution mandates at least 60 percent forest cover . . . forever. Forward-thinking leadership, Buddhist ethics, sustainable resource use, and support from conservationists around the world make Bhutan a beacon of hope for these wild cats.

Today, support the Bhutan Foundation conduct critical research to help these wild cats thrive in Bhutan. With your support, researchers and wildlife biologists at the Ugyen Wangchuck Institute for the Conservation and Environment will be able to carry about important research to provide important data to protect these wild cats.





























Here is how you can support these wild cats:

$100:    One set of hiking books for our wildlife biologist (We need 25)

$250:    Accessories needed for one camera trap station (We need 25)

$500:    One camera to set up a camera trap station (We need 50)

$1000:  One camera trap station with two cameras (We need 25)

$2500:  One GPS radio collar for wildcat research (We need 5)

$5000:  20 sets of field gear for field staff and wildlife biologist needed to conduct wildcat research (We need 20 sets)


Nepal Earthquake Relief


We are deeply saddened by the damage and loss of life in Nepal. Our hearts and prayers have been with the people of Nepal in the wake of the devastating earthquake that took place over the weekend. 

 Many of you have contacted the Bhutan Foundation expressing your deep concerns about the situation in Nepal following the earthquake and if Bhutan was affected as well. We want to let you all know that there was no damage or loss of life in Bhutan and we have been able to reach out to many family and friends in Nepal.

 The government of Bhutan sent a well-trained emergency medical team of 63 medical specialists, technicians, Desuups and support staff over the weekend, along with emergency medical equipment and also provided $1 million in financial aid to support the humanitarian effort. But more help is needed.

 We, at the Bhutan Foundation, have compiled a list of organizations who we understand to be already working to provide immediate relief or who will be able to provide effective responses to the relief efforts in Nepal today. The Bhutan Foundation is also supporting an initiative started by Bhutanese citizens called #Bhutan4Nepal. If you wish to help we encourage you to support the relief efforts listed below by making a donation online. We hope you will show support during this difficult time.

 The Bhutan Foundation sends our sincere and heartfelt condolences to our friends in Nepal and offer butterlamps in Bhutan in their honor.

Support Relief Efforts in Nepal  

  • Bhutan4Nepal
    • Organized by the citizens of Bhutan to aid the relief efforts in Nepal. Donate through the Bhutan Foundation to contribute to this effort by clicking the donate now button below. 
  • The Greater Himalayas Foundation
    • The GHF is working with local organizations in Nepal to provide immediate relief to rural communities most affected by the earthquake. The GHF will also be focusing on long term rebuilding of Himalayan communities in Nepal. 
  • READ Global
    • READ has 59 centers located throughout Nepal. READ Global is raising funds to help their communities and their Nepal team rebuild READ Centers that have been damaged, provide response services and information through the Centers, and help families rebuild their lives. 
  • America Nepal Medical Foundation
    • ANMF is on the ground providing immediate emergency medical care to victims of the earthquake. ANMF is dedicated to building Nepal’s healthcare infrastructure and developing the country’s ability to be self sustaining. 
    • UNICEF is providing critical aid to children and families affected by the earthquake in Nepal. The agency will be focusing on water and sanitation, nutrition, education and child protection.  
  • International Medical Corps
      • The organization’s emergency responses team is providing critcally needed medicines and supplies to survivors. Teams of doctors, nurses, and logisticians will try to operate mobile medical units in the hardest-hit areas. 

Happy Earth Day from the Bhutan Foundation!

Clean Bhutan image

Happy Earth Day from the Bhutan Foundation! Today we celebrate Earth Day and all of Bhutan’s accomplishments in conserving its pristine environment and wildlife diversity. Bhutan’s conservation story is successful primarily due to the guidance provided by our visionary Kings. Therefore, this year in celebration of the 60th Birth Anniversary of our Fourth King, Druk Gyalpo Jigme Singye Wangchuck, the Bhutan Foundation is proud to support our local partner, Clean Bhutan, in their initiative to advocate for Zero Waste Bhutan by 2030. Together, we are advocating for behavioral change to reduce waste throughout the country.