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The Second Jomolhari Mountain Festival 2014


The Bhutan Foundation congratulates our partners Jigme Dorji National Park (JDNP), Nature Recreation and Ecotourism Division (NRED) and the local communities, on having complete the second edition of the Jomolhari Mountain festival.

The Festival is an exquisitely themed two-day event celebrated, by communities located along one of the most scenic trekking routes in Bhutan, to promote eco-tourism, create awareness of Snow Leopard protection, and provide a platform to bring in opportunities for sustainable livelihood for the communities involved.

Find out more about the festival here.


Bhutan on National Geographic: a Frontier for Culture, Biodiversity, and Adventure

Tiger in Bhutan’s middle hills, in Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park. (Photo: UWICE/DoFPS)

“Bhutan straddles an area with high biodiversity richness—the Eastern Himalayas. Precipitation from the monsoons, great altitudinal variation, and its location connecting the Indian plains to the high Himalayan peaks on the edge of the Tibetan plateau allow for an amazing assemblage of biodiversity that is still being discovered today. Bhutan is the only place on Earth where snow leopards and tigers share the same habitat. Recent survey results show that both these endangered large cats are not only surviving, but thriving, in Bhutan. And this is only one example of how Bhutan is a coveted destination for scientific exploration and adventure,” writes Tshewang Wangchuk, the first Bhutanese National Geographic explorer, and Executive Director for the Bhutan Foundation in Washington, D.C .

Read the full article on National Geographic here.

Local partner obtains CSO status

DSCN0930“As a CSO, VAST would help create an identity for Bhutanese art” 

The Voluntary Artists’ Studio, Thimphu (VAST) received it’s Civil Society Organization (CSO) status this week from the Civil Society Organization Authority in Bhutan. This major step forward will help VAST expand their approach to fund raise with legal recognition for the growth of art in Bhutan.

VAST was set up in 1998 by a group of professional artists as a non profitable and non governmental organization (NGO). This informal organization was set up with the sole aim of providing an opportunity to the Bhutanese youth to participate and develop their potential talents  as well as share social responsibilities through artistic explorations and other socially useful and productive work. Its primary objective is to provide potential vocational skills and alternative positive use of free time and facilitate participation in the national and international art realm.

The Bhutan Foundation has been a proud partner of VAST and it’s programs since 2007.

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